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Sunday, 9 July, 2017

1.278.720 minutes sober


Wednesday, 5 April, 2017

26 months sober


So i am now 26 months sober from alcohol (also quitted smoking about 6,5 years ago) and that's the longest time sober since i was 17 (i'am now 44) when i started drinking.

There are times that i want to drink but all the negative things that comes with drinking stops me still from taking alcohol (negative things like a hangover, depressive feelings, fatigue, no energy to do things, headache).

I allow myself to drink but still i can make a conscious choice to not to do it and that's feels good. The thing is that alcohol is a quick fix for all kinds of emotions and it's easy to get.

Things have changed in my life like no more going to places where people drink and also my relationships with people have changed, maybe not directly from stopping drinking but as a result that i now have time to be more relaxt and making better decisions with a clear state of mind.

The last few years before quitting drinking, alcohol was for me a fast way to put down my problems and the chaos in my mind but as we all know drinking a substance will not make your problems go away, it makes it worse.

Now i'm dealing with problems (and fun things) in life without alcohol and that's way better then having a problem + alcohol = 2 problems and also a hangover/bad mood/depression.

Finding balance in life in general is difficult but without alcohol it's for me way better so i think i will go on with that sober state of mind :).