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Yesterday on 4-4-2018 i was 100,000,000 seconds sober that's equal to 1157 days or 27777 hours or 1666666 minutes.*
* On 23 November 2023 i am still sober and not planning to drink soon, i still see no reason to start drinking.

Below is a video screenshot from the app Cleancounter.

I have struggled with drinking alcohol for a couple of years, after a dozen
attempts to stop drinking i'am now more then +8 years sober and it feels very
The big difference is that i now allow myself to drink, from day one i told
myself that i can drink so much as i can but do i really want it!?.

This mind switch from forbidding to allowing myself to drink was a conscious
decision and is still making a big difference in how i behave and think
because i use this way of thinking in more situations and i am getting
better in it, it not always and will not always be going good for 100% and
that's ok for me....perfection is stress and stress is killing, making
"mistakes" is a part of life but for a long time i was for sure a
perfectionist but that way of living is very exhausting and not very good
for your health.

Forbidding myself to do something was not working (anymore?) because i have
tried that for a long time, now i am getting better and better in doing what
i really want and it still is a learning process but this process i am doing
better without alcohol, i don't think that i am going to drink soon and
maybe i will stay sober for the rest of my life...i like the thought to be
conscious and clear in thinking and have a overall good condition mentally
and physically , life is for me so much better without alcohol
so water is what i am drinking the most, my slogan is: "h2o is the way 2 go!".